Ready for the 2024 Whoop UCI MTB World Series

Our team camp was fantastic. It was great to meet all our athletes in Loudenvielle and introduce our Canadian riders to our secret spots in the French Pyrenees. After a long trip, Lily, Remi and Emmett landed at home with a big smile!  In the meantime, Justine, Alizés, Luca and Levy have been carrying out the final optimization of their preparations for the World Cup. Our first stop is in Finale, Italy for the 2024 UCI MTB WORLD SERIES Enduro season kick off!

Rider List:

Justine Henry, FR

Lily Boucher, CA

Alizes Lassus, FR

Levy Batista, FR

Remi Gauvin, CA

Emmett Hancock, CA

Luca Fourcade, FR

Enzo Perez, FR