EVO 12 Derailleur
EVO 12 Derailleur


EVO 12 Derailleur

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EVO 12 Derailleur


TRP Cycling/ Tektro USA

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Introducing the TRP EVO 12 Derailleur, a game-changer in gear shifting innovation. With its integrated hall lock lever, it effectively stabilizes the derailleur on the mounting bolt, mitigating drivetrain noise and ensuring a quiet and smooth shifting experience. The upgraded instant silent clutch further enhances performance by taming chain slap and creating a whisper-quiet shifting system. Plus, the newly added cage release simplifies tire changes, allowing for easy removal and installation. With these remarkable features, the TRP EVO 12 Derailleur delivers unparalleled precision, tranquility, and convenience for an elevated riding experience. Upgrade your bike with this cutting-edge derailleur and embrace the future of gear shifting technology.
  • Integrated Hall Lock Lever
  • Cage release
  • Instant, Silent Clutch
  • Carbon Fiber Outer Cage
  • 12T/ 14T Sealed Bearing Pulleys
  • Horizontal Parallelogram

Customer Reviews

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TRP Drivetrain

I have been riding an Intense Taser Alloy S for about 3 months. This is my first bike equipped with the TRP Drivetrain and brakes. I am very critical of new innovations, but always willing to learn. The new TRP EVO Drivetrain is amazing! I was very worried that I wouldn't like it at first. I have ridden Shimano for the last 20years. I am a fan of the new TRP drivetrain. I look forward to trying it on other bikes!

Hall Lock

Lock's out the derailleur on the main pivot bolt, which prevents it from lifting, slapping and making unwanted noise (adjustable)

Instant, Silent Clutch

This adjustable mechanism tames unwanted chain slap and further quiets the entire shifting system.

Carbon Fiber Outer Cage

Lighter and stiffer than traditional aluminum cage, optimizing long-term shifting performance for an improved user experience

Cage Release

Releases cage spring tension to facilitate easy wheel removal and maintenance