TRP EVO Brake Family – What’s the Best Brake for You?

“If you’ve seen many of our YouTube videos or reviews, it’s probably not a surprise that we’re fans of the TRP (Tektro Racing Products) EVO brake lineup. After a mediocre review on their G-Spec Quadiem brakes a couple years back, TRP took the gloves off and came back with what are some of our favorite brakes available. Taking the EVO brake line to the next level, TRP Cycling kept refining the EVO platform and now have a family of EVO brakes to suit a variety of riders and needs. In this feature we’re going to take a look at the three models currently available and the subtle differences and similarities between them all. ”
TRP Brake

TRP’s EVO brakes share the same dual 16mm pistons in burly 4-piston calipers. These calipers have 360-degrees of oil flow inside with a large internal volume. By eliminating any sharp turns for the fluid, TRP hopes to improve power distribution across the pads and facilitate easier bleeding as air bubbles can purge easier since they don’t have corners or nooks to hide in. A benefit of being able to pull more oil is that heat management is improved as it takes longer to heat up and boil. This also means you have to bleed your brakes less since they’re not degrading as quickly from reaching extremely hot temperatures as often.

The fluid volume inside the calipers is maximized to reduce heat buildup and keep the brakes consistent on sustained descents, something we’ve raved about in our reviews. The TRP EVO brakes use a newly developed mineral oil with an increased boiling point of 230C to maintain brake performance under the harshest conditions. TRP Cycling also use 5mm housing for high oil flow rates with a Kevlar wrap that reduces hydraulic expansion when the brakes are being actuated, giving a firmer lever feel, instant power and eliminating that squishy feel, no matter how long your downhill run is.
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TRP Brake Lever