Slate T4


New Adapters
Ergonomic Levers
5mm Brake Line
Performance Mineral Oil
New Brake Pads

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Slate T4 - Rear (Right) DISL1070W Rear (Right) $129.99
Slate T4 - Front (Left) DISL1072W Front (Left) $129.99
Slate T4 - TR33 140 mm PARO1960 TR33 140 mm $64.99
Slate T4 - TR33 160 mm PARO1961 TR33 160 mm $64.99
Slate T4 - TR33 180 mm PARO1962 TR33 180 mm $69.99
Slate T4 - TR33 203mm PARO1963 Out of Stock TR33 203mm $74.99
Slate T4 - TR29 140 mm PARO1910 TR29 140 mm $39.99
Slate T4 - TR29 160 mm PARO1920 Out of Stock TR29 160 mm $39.99
Slate T4 - TR25 140 mm PARO1810 TR25 140 mm $64.99
Slate T4 - TR25 160 mm PARO1820 TR25 160 mm $64.99
Slate T4 - TR25 180 mm PARO1830 TR25 180 mm $69.99
Slate T4 - TR25 203 mm PARO1840 TR25 203 mm $74.99
Slate T4 - RS02M 140 PARO1955 RS02M 140 $42.99
Slate T4 - RS02M 160 PARO1965 RS02M 160 $45.99
Slate T4 - RS02M 180 PARO1957 RS02M 180 $49.99
Slate T4 - RS02M 203 PARO1958 RS02M 203 $52.99
Slate T4 - P17 PM/PM PAAD1011 P17 PM/PM $17.99
Slate T4 - P20 PM/PM PAAD1012 P20 PM/PM $17.99
Slate T4 - P23 PM/PM PAAD1013 P23 PM/PM $17.99
Slate T4 - P40 PM/PM PAAD1014 P40 PM/PM $17.99
Slate T4 - P43 PM/PM PAAD1015 P43 PM/PM $17.99
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In 2016, TRP began working with reigning world cup champion Aaron Gwin. Out of the gate, he was impressed with the initial level of performance, but he did have a list of improvements needed to achieve world cup winning performance.

Working closely with the TRP development team, improvements were made in nearly every part of the brake and tested on the world cup circuit throughout the season. We then carried some of these changes over to our Slate trail brake.

We took most of the changes made to the DH-R EVO brakes and put them into the Slate T4. This brake features the same ergonomic lever made from cast aluminum and a forged/CNC’d caliper. Both of which have been given a matte black finish. It also features a new and stiffer 5.0 mm hose for easier internal routing and better transfer of hydraulic power. Riders will also find benefits in the four piston caliper, tool-free reach adjust, and top loading caliper.


  • 4-Piston Caliper
  • Intended Rotor Thickness: 1.8mm
  • Detent Reach Adjust
  • Split Hinged Handlebar Clamp
  • Banjo Hose Fitting
  • I-Spec & Matchmaker Compatible


New CNC Disc Adapter

  • CNC milled
  • Increased stiffness and a clean fit
  • Simple product marking
Adapter Ergonomic Brake Levers

  • Aluminum alloy
  • Ergonomic 1-finger positioning
  • Textured surface for increased drip
5mm Brake Line

  • Increased rigidity for greater hydraulic pressure
  • Improved thermal stability
  • Optimized for internal routing
Performance Mineral Oil

  • Lower viscosity for higher flow
  • Increased heat resistance up to 230°C
  • Improved heat dissipation
New Brake Pads

  • New organic compound (blue)
  • Improved heat resistance
  • Reduced bedding-in time
  • Lower noise

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