Loam Wolf’s Long Term Review of DH-R EVO

“With the new DH-R EVO, TRP Cycling Components set out to create a mountain bike brake strong and reliable enough to handle the continually increasing speeds of mountain bikes. Larger wheels and better suspension have demanded more braking force while heavy eMTBs capable of quickly repeating DH laps put more weight and ride time into the equation. Over the past few years, we have seen TRP consistently put out brakes with huge amounts of modulation but left us wishing for slightly more stopping power. They sent us a set of the new TRP DH-R EVO brakes to conduct a Dissected Feature on many months ago, and we have requested two more sets to mount on various test bikes ever since. After almost a year of abuse on long travel eBikes, and enduro sleds, we are happy to report back with this long-term review.”