EVO 12 Speed Chain


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EVO 12 Speed Chain - Black/ Gold DTCN1202 Black/ Gold $72.99
EVO 12 Speed Chain - Black/ Silver DTCN1201 Black/ Silver $38.99
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With a size of 1/2″x11/128″ and a length of 126 links, this chain is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless fit and smooth operation. Weighing in at just 234 grams, it strikes a perfect balance between lightweight construction and durability. The chain’s asymmetrical chamfering guarantees interference-free movement, enhancing the overall performance of your drivetrain. Outer and inner plate chamfering further contributes to its frictionless operation, resulting in precise and reliable shifting even under demanding conditions.


  • Asymmetrical chamfering avoids interference
  • Outer and inner plate chamfering for smooth operation
  • Precise, smooth shifting performance


  • Size: 1/2″x11/128″
  • Length: 126 Link
  • Weight: 234 grams