A WET and WILD Test — TRP World Cup Report — Fort William, Scotland

Marine Cabirou and Veronika Widmann let TRP athletes’ charge into the wet and wild weather at the second round of the World Cup in Fort William, Scotland.

Each posted an amazing personal result and they stood together on the podium after the mud was washed away from their runs and from their kits in the elite women’s finals. Cabirou matched her result from the opening round, which places her third in the overall standings after two events. Widmann was 8th at the opening round in Maribor; with her podium result this weekend she’s moved up to 6th place in the overall standings.

On the men’s side, Intense Factory Racing athlete, Neko Mulally, led the TRP men’s charge in 22nd place. The conditions took a toll on the riders and their equipment, as most deftly illustrated by Aaron Gwin’s spectacular get off on the upper section of the track. Gwin, who is nursing a badly sprained ankle, miraculously walked away from the crash—surely a testament to his conditioning and skill.

TRP comes away from the weekend with more experience of what it takes to perform at the highest level of this sport and in the worst conditions. TRP’s athletes put brakes and pads, derailleurs and shifters to the test, which will greatly benefit the riders that choose our products in the future. This is why we do it.

Tops for TRP — Fort William World Cup results — Finals.


Elite Women’s finishing results:

4th place- Marine Cabirou/Scott DH Factory
5th place – Veronika Widmann/Insync Racing

Elite Men’s finishing results:

Neko Mulally/ IFR – 22nd
Jack Moir/ IFR – 29th
Dean Lucas/ Scott DH Factory – 31st
Harry Molloy/Insync Racing – 57th
Florent Payet/ Scott DH Factory – 59th

Fort William track insights.

The track at Fort William is infamous and the 2019 edition just adds the venue’s aura. This year saw atrocious weather and massive get-offs by the elite of the elite. Gwin walked away from his, but he wasn’t able to salvage the run; as did Gee Atherton, who’s practice slip-up made the rounds on social and traditional media.

Transition’s Tahnee Seagrave, unfortunately, was not so lucky; she separated her collarbone and tore her AC joint, proving that this sport does not discriminate even at the highest level. Everyone at TRP is pulling for a quick and uncomplicated recovery for Tahnee.

The wild weather and crashes weren’t the only crazy things in the lead up to this race…

Before riders even got into the Nevis Range Scenic Mountain Gondola for the track walk, the Intense Factory Racing team had already faced big challenges. Two weeks before Fort William at the Mountain Creek Pro GRT, Aaron suffered a nasty ankle sprain.

On the Wednesday before the race, thieves broke into one of the Intense team’s vans that was parked overnight in Edinburgh, Scotland and made off with Aaron’s race bike. That left the team and Aaron’s mechanic, John Hall, stuck to get a new frame and parts shipped in so that he could build it on track walk day, which they did in short order and without letting their star rider miss a beat. Aaron, John, and the team persevered, however, and everyone bucked up to get their jobs done.

While Aaron’s crash in his race run was icing on the cake of a truly testing stretch, everyone deeply appreciates that Aaron walked away from what could have been a season ending wreck. The fact that they can laugh about it, in that… wish it didn’t happen to us sort of wayand that no-one has lost sight of their goals is a true testament to how professional these professionals are.

IFR’s Neko Mulally offered a recap of his team’s weekend and trials to us, here.


Up Next- Leogang, June 8-9.

The track in Leogang, Austria is steep, making it a true test of TRP’s braking systems. We’ve helped Aaron Gwin win—and he’s helped test our brakes—here in the past, and this year will be no exception. We’ll have more athletes on the track than we have ever had in the past and all TRP supported riders will be on the new 2.3mm wide rotors.


Keeping ’em clean in the Commencal-100% pits. PC: Dave Trumpore Photo


Beyond the thicker rotors a majority of the riders will also take advantage of our 223mm diameter option. Big brakes are a pre-requisite for this track and we look forward to testing on it and learning from it.


Teams—Sound (ON).

Our teams tell their own stories from Fort William, Scotland.

Fort William World Cup Gallery.

Photo Credits: Nathan Huges Photo, Dave Trumpore Photo, Moonhead Media