T925.1 Rear

Rear center bolt mounted TT brake

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Minimize frontal area.  Reduce turbulence.  Eliminate drag.  These phrases all target a single objective: Aerodynamic Efficiency.  TRP’s engineers had these concepts in mind when designing the T925 Brake System.  The front and rear brakes use a “U” style configuration with asymmetrical caliper arms pivoting on a center carrier designed to be mounted behind the front fork legs and seat stay bridge.  Side-pull cable routing ensures that steering is unobstructed while providing a smooth cable path for a light feel at the lever.  From Ironman to Pro-Tour TT, the T925 braking system is the edge you’re looking for.

The T925.1R Shares all the features of the T925R with the addition of the extended cable noodle clip on the left side of the brake (right arm). This allows the cable noodle to be drawn closer to the frame in case of any rubbing issues with the crank.

T925.1R can be used as a front brake mounted in the front or forward position of the fork.  A longer 38mm center bolt is required.  Look in the small parts section for the 38mm center bolt.

T925.1 Rear

  • Added noodle clip for closer routing of the cable
  • Aerodynamic U-Design
  • TT6 Forged Aluminum arms
  • TRP aluminum cartridge pads
  • Reach: 39 – 51mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 172g