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With the evolution of disc brakes on time trial bikes, TRP saw the need for a high-performance hydraulic TT disc brake resulting in the all-new HD-T910. We took a unique approach to the time trial brake by combining speed and style which resulted in the TT Hydro. Initially, the lever was handcrafted from clay before being finished off in aluminum. This allowed our designers to offer maximum ergonomics and an elegant visual appearance. From there it was forged from alloy, given a replaceable rubberized grip, and finished off with a carbon lever blade.  The lever is matched to a black flat mount caliper designed to offer controlled braking at any speed.

The levers come in two widths for differing bar diameters:

  • For bars measuring a diameter between 23-24 mm: HD-T910
  • For bars measuring a diameter between 24-25 mm: HD-T912
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HD-T910/T912 - HD-T910 Front (Left) DITT1020 HD-T910 Front (Left) $179.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - HD-T910 Rear (Right) DITT1010 HD-T910 Rear (Right) $179.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - HD-T912 Front (Left) DITT1040 Out of Stock HD-T912 Front (Left) $179.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - HD-T912 Rear (Right) DITT1030 Out of Stock HD-T912 Rear (Right) $179.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - TR33 140 mm PARO1960 TR33 140 mm $64.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - TR33 160 mm PARO1961 TR33 160 mm $64.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - TR33 180 mm PARO1962 TR33 180 mm $69.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - TR33 203mm PARO1963 Out of Stock TR33 203mm $74.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - TR29 140 mm PARO1910 TR29 140 mm $39.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - TR29 160 mm PARO1920 Out of Stock TR29 160 mm $39.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - TR25 140 mm PARO1810 Out of Stock TR25 140 mm $64.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - TR25 160 mm PARO1820 TR25 160 mm $64.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - TR25 180 mm PARO1830 Out of Stock TR25 180 mm $69.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - TR25 203 mm PARO1840 TR25 203 mm $74.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - RS02M 140 PARO1955 RS02M 140 $42.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - RS02M 160 PARO1965 RS02M 160 $45.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - RS02M 180 PARO1957 RS02M 180 $49.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - RS02M 203 PARO1958 RS02M 203 $52.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - FF5 PAAD1060 FF5 $17.99 excl. tax
HD-T910/T912 - FF6 PAAD1064 FF6 $17.99 excl. tax
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  • HD-T910 (OD 22-24 mm)
  • HD-T912 (OD 24-25 mm)
  • Carbon Fiber Lever Blade
  • Forged Alloy Lever Body
  • TRP 2-Piston Flat Mount Caliper
  • Integrated and Replaceable Grip
  • Anodized Black
  • 5.0 mm High Quality Hose with 1900 mm length
  • Factory Pre-Bled with EZ-Plug System
  • Blip or Di2 Shifter Adapter Inserts Available
  • Top Loading Pad Design
  • 390g (front)
  • Minimum bar insertion is 55mm


Bleeding the HD-T910/912

Trimming the Hose on the HD-T910/912

HD-T910/912 Exact Specifications

Owner’s Manual Download

HD-T910/912 Bleed Procedure