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In 2016, TRP began working with reigning UCI DH World Cup Champion Aaron Gwin. Out of the gate, he was impressed with the initial level of performance, but he did have a list of improvements needed to achieve world cup winning performance. Working closely with the TRP development team, improvements were made to every part of the brake necessary. They were then tested on the world cup circuit throughout the season. The result is G-Spec, Aaron asked and we delivered every detail. With no expense spared creating G-Spec brakes, every rider can now stop with world cup winning performance.

The G-Spec Trail S places all the best features from the G-Spec DH brake into a lighter package. If you are wondering what the difference is between our downhill brakes and the new G-Spec Trail line just think downhill power tuned specifically for the wide range of speeds experienced while trail riding. The G-Spec Trail S gets the same caliper body as our downhill brake but mismatched pistons(2x14mm, 2x16mm) allow for improved modulation. The Aaron Gwin lever blade gets mounted to the lightweight trail lever body and offers both direct mount shifter options.

G-Spec Trail S

  • Four-piston caliper
  • CNC caliper with cooling fins
  • Tool-free reach adjust
  • Adjustable banjo fitting for optimal hose routing
  • Split hinge clamp handlebar clamp
  • I-Spec ll and matchmaker compatible with HD 3.5 adapter
  • Weight: 316g (Front)