EVO 12 Drivetrain Builder

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Introducing the EVO12. The embodiment and the culmination of TRP’s extensive engineering and development history integrated with the worlds’ top riders and teams. EVO means we have made advances to our first-generation features such as the Hall Lock, silent clutch and cage release to improve performance and usability. The Hall Lock all but mitigates drivetrain noise to help riders stay focused and undistracted. EVO 12 instant silent clutch tames unwanted chain slap and further quiets the entire shifting system The cage release makes wheel removal a pleasant task. Couple these innovations with the all-new shifter design featuring improved ergonomics and a shift mode switch to allow riders the choice between one upshift per click or a sweep of up to five upshifts per click and you have a shifting system that is quiet, precise and efficient. Finally, carbon or forged ally crank arms are mated to 1x chainrings with Wave tooth profiles to hold the chain securely over the roughest terrain. Explore EVO 12 and feel the power of choice.


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