Today, Cargo bikes are an integral part of everyday city traffic as they replace more and more cars. Whether it be a family carriage to kindergarten, a transport vehicle for local grocery purchases or as a load carrier for craftsman and the mail service, they all have one thing in common; they carry more weight than standard bikes and thus have a greater responsibility for safety.

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C2.3 - Rear (Right) DIEU1030 Rear (Right) $224.99
C2.3 - Front (Left) DIEU1032 Front (Left) $224.99
C2.3 - RS01E 180 mm PARO2004 RS01E 180 mm $49.99
C2.3 - RS01E 203 mm PARO2006 RS01E 203 mm $52.99
C2.3 - RS01E 220 mm PARO2008 RS01E 220 mm $59.99
C2.3 - RS01E 223mm PARO2010 RS01E 223mm $59.99
C2.3 - RC01E 160 mm PARO2104 RC01E 160 mm $64.99
C2.3 - RC01E 180 mm PARO2106 RC01E 180 mm $69.99
C2.3 - RC01E 203 mm PARO2108 RC01E 203 mm $74.99
C2.3 - TR42 180mm PARO1980 TR42 180mm $69.99
C2.3 - TR42 203mm PARO1981 Out of Stock TR42 203mm $74.99
C2.3 - P17 PM/PM PAAD1011 P17 PM/PM $17.99
C2.3 - P20 PM/PM PAAD1012 P20 PM/PM $17.99
C2.3 - P23 PM/PM PAAD1013 P23 PM/PM $17.99
C2.3 - P40 PM/PM PAAD1014 P40 PM/PM $17.99
C2.3 - P43 PM/PM PAAD1015 P43 PM/PM $17.99
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In cooperation with the leading cargo bike manufacturer Riese & Müller, TRP development teams have designed a new disc brake specifically for cargo and E-cargo bikes: The TRP C2.3. TRP C2.3 is the new Premium Cargo Bike brake from Tektro. The letter “C” indicates cargo application and “2.3” for the use of a stronger 2.3 mm rotors compared to conventional 1.8 mm rotor.

TRP is the high-end brand from Tektro (Tektro Racing Products), which is native in developing performance braking systems for downhill mountain bike racing. TRP has used this know-how to keep elevating TRP E-Bike Solutions for specific application like E-Cargo bikes.


2.3mm Brake Disc

  • 8% improved heat resistance
  • 47% improved lateral stiffness
  • 223mm & 220mm rotors – more braking power for larger 29″ wheels
Rotor New CNC Disc Adapter

  • CNC milled
  • Increased stiffness and a clean fit
  • Simple product marking
Ergonomic Brake Levers

  • Aluminum alloy
  • Ergonomic 1-finger positioning
  • Textured surface for increased drip
5mm Brake Line

  • Increased rigidity for greater hydraulic pressure
  • Improved thermal stability
  • Optimized for internal routing
Performance Mineral Oil

  • Lower viscosity for higher flow
  • Increased heat resistance up to 230°C
  • Improved heat dissipation
New Brake Pads

  • New organic compound (blue)
  • Improved heat resistance
  • Reduced bedding-in time
  • Lower noise
E-Brake Rated

  • Greater stability
  • Improved oil flow rate
  • Improved rear brake response
  • Faster venting
9mm Brake Lever Piston

  • New hydraulic ratio for more power
  • Optimized for 1-finger braking
  • Reduced arm pump and fatigue

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Installing This Brake


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