He's thinking. Always, thinking.

Mulally’s Musings—World Cup #2, Fort William, Scotland.

Neko Mulally is a thinker. He puts an amazing amount of energy and effort into breaking down his equipment and his approach to racing in an analytical fashion.

Neko is also incredibly insightful. We listen to him frequently. He likes to offer his product feedback to sponsors by way of audio file. We find that when he delivers said feedback via one of his signature audio files, even if it’s critical, we’re able to receive it well and with an open mind.

Maybe it’s the voice. How friendly it is, and how you feel genuinely engaged with him through his spoken word. Regardless, it’s just one of those things that only a special few get to experience, so we thought we’d try and bring it to you as well.

We’ll be shaking down Neko after each World Cup and throughout the season to bring you his thoughts and musings, here, in the TRP edition of Mulally’s Musings.

Mulally’s Musings from Fort William, Scotland.


Neko in action at Fort William.