Gwin through the finish in Leogang.

Leogang World Cup Recap

Photo Credits: Nathan Huges Photo, Dave Trumpore Photo, Moonhead Media

Women’s weekend redux—Marine Cabirou and Veronika Widmann showed amazing consistency on a steep and awkward course to finish fourth and fifth in the women’s elite final for a second weekend in a row. With these results Marine stays a solid fifth in the overall standings, while Veronika moves up one additional spot into seventh place overall.

On the men’s side, Intense Factory Racing athlete, Aaron Gwin, put last week’s woes behind him and pulled out a podium placing (fifth). He was happy to put a solid weekend on the books in Austria, and the Leogang track has always been good for him.

“[I’m] happy with my weekend overall,” said Gwin. “I made some progress in a few areas and it was nice to have some positives to build on moving forward after the tough month we’ve had. [I’m] looking forward to these next few weeks at home preparing for the next race in Andorra.”

The result, even with his DNF in Fort William, puts Gwin back inside the top ten of the overall standings; he currently sits ninth place overall.

Scott DH Factory’s boys had a good weekend too. Both Dean Lucas and Florent Payet sneaking into the top 20 with 18th and 20th placings, respectively. Flo was especially happy as he’s been on a long comeback from injury that’s kept him out of the top 20 in World Cup competition for a year and a half.

The combination of the challenging environmental conditions in Ft. William and the long 2,000km transfer to Austria for this weekend’s round tested the prowess of the athletes and their support staff.

Tops for TRP — Leogang Austria World Cup results — Finals.

Veronika Widmann was on the podium in Leogang.
Veronika Widmann was on the podium in Leogang and for a second weekend in a row. PC: Moonhead Media
Elite Women’s finishing results:

4th place- Marine Cabirou/Scott DH Factory
5th place – Veronika Widmann/Insync Racing

Big smiles from everyone on the podium in Leogang.
Big smiles from everyone on the podium in Leogang. PC: @nathanhughesphoto
Elite Men’s finishing results:

Aaron Gwin/ IFR – 5th
Dean Lucas/ Scott DH Factory – 18th
Florent Payet/ Scott DH Factory – 20th
Jack Moir/ IFR – 23rd
Neko Mulally/IFR – 33rd
Harry Molloy/Insync Racing – 50th

Leogang Austria track insights.

The track—built within Bikepark Leogang—was tighter and more technical than in years pasts, traits that rewarded those riders with precision and patience. Gwin called it a “one-line” track in places, especially in the tighter new chicane sections, which locked racers in to a line and set each lap to the mercy of the track’s condition versus the riders’ choices.

TRP take away.

TRP, again, comes away from the races with more experience. TRP’s athletes put brakes and pads to the test on this steep track, which is imperative to producing elite level products and a race developed DNA that will trickle down into the entire range of products.

Up Next- World Cup #4 Vallnord, Andorra, July 6-7.

The athletes have a month to rest, recuperate and fine-tune their training before heading into the middle of the season to take on rounds #4 and #5 in Andorra and France. The tracks get steeper yet again and more technical, which will test both the riders and their machines to the max. TRP will, again, focus on the new braking systems for these tracks. All TRP riders will use the thicker 2.3mm rotors in the largest 223mm diameter. Consistent braking is key to consistent performance on these tracks and we’ll be looking to put our new brake technologies to the test.


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