Moir finished 23rd in Les Gets.

IFR Team Video — Les Gets


What’s my line, anyway?

Watch as the IFR racers talk line choice on one of the fastest courses this year’s World Cup series will see.

‘A race across this parking lot would be super easy at the same time probably the hardest race, because how [can] you be better at that.’ – Neko Mulally, IFR.

How do you tell a story about the racing; week in, week out. These guys put it all on the line with a singular focus on being as fast as they possibly can.

IFR filmmaker Brock VanHeel finds the story like we have not seen before. He’s behind the scenes and become so ingrained with this group that he can tell the true story behind the race to the fastest line. Pull up a chair, put it on the big screen because this is the best 10 minutes of video from the World Cup this year.