Many have heard the name G-Spec when reading an article about Aaron Gwin’s new brakes but not all understand exactly what it means. In 2016 Aaron created the YT Mob team and brought TRP on as his brake sponsor. During the 2016 season, Aaron won the World Cup overall while working closely with TRP. From the first day, our goal was to create Aaron Gwin’s dream brake. With no expense spared we created what is now known as the G-Spec Quadiem. Boasting the best combination of finish, function, and reliability the G-Spec Quadiem offers riders a premium product at a reasonable price. From there we took what we learned and put it into the already popular Slate T4 to offer a premium version now know as the G-Spec Slate. During development of the new G-Spec brake line, we discovered technologies that now trickle down through the TRP line. Offering World Cup winning technology to riders on a tight budget with products such as the Quadiem.

The new G-Spec line combines Aaron Gwin’s world cup winning expertise with TRP’s manufacturing capabilities to produce the best cycling components on the market. The G-Spec logo signifies that you are getting the very best Aaron Gwin approved performance, quality, and materials.