Speed Management by Marine Cabirou

Did you know Marine before the 2019 season? She represents the next generation, but she’s hitting us now. Marine reached her highest level and posted her best finishes this season with the new Scott DH Factory team. While racing against the best women in the world, she walked away with wins in the last three races of the World Cup season. Marine made the podium her second home and eventually took second overall in the 2019 Downhill World Cup series. Congratulations, Marine! TRP is a proud partner of the Scott DH team and so pleased to see young talent, like Marine, rise to the top. She has established her unique riding style and always brings her great smile with her. The steep courses are never steep enough for Marine, and the tracks in Scott’s Swiss backyard give her a platform to show this to you. Watch her speed, accuracy, and confidence on her Scott Gambler, as she takes on the Champéry World Cup track, like a Sunday walk in the park.

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