IFR Team Video from World Cup Finals – Snowshoe, West Virginia

Words to describe a World Cup.

Rough. Yanky. Oooooh. Yeah. Scary. Just Cool. Familiar-ish. Those are the words from IFR after track walk in Snowshoe, WV.

There was a buzz, especially for Neko Mulally.

This is Neko’s home course. He helped design the track. He couldn’t ride a foot of the track without running into a friend or family member. Then he broke his leg in the first run of practice. He didn’t even crash. He just rode over his foot. Talk about deflating. That’s the thing about this team and these videos, they bring you right into the mix for the good and the bad. There’s a moment here where you can see Neko trying to talk himself into being fine, but he wasn’t.

We get a look at the precision and pressure of eeking every last second out of a track. Aaron is already in 2020 test mode on the M279 and asks for a font triangle swap in-between qualies and finals testing John’s wrench-turning-speed.

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