Aaron Gwin’s new team: IFR— Intense Factory Racing

Homegrown. That’s, possibly, the best way to describe Aaron Gwin’s new program. While many sponsors remain a part of Gwin’s program his title sponsor is new. Intense Cycles, the headliner of the IFR Team, is headquartered in Gwin’s hometown of Temecula, CA, roughly 10 minutes from his residence.

The brand, which is guided by founder Jeff Stieber, remains one of the deepest-rooted gravity bike brands of all time.

Gwin’s favorite aspect: Intense, and Jeff’s, constant search of speed no matter the effort—a true F1 style focus, where no option is left off the table. What more could a racer ask for?

Take a journey into Gwin’s offseason and how he’s leading his new team and its riders into the 2019 race season. The highlight of the video… check out that drone footy at 6:05, so good.