New Adapters
Ergonomic Levers
5mm Brake Line
Performance Mineral Oil
New Brake Pads

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QUADIEM - Rear (Right) DIQU3030 Out of Stock Rear (Right) $149.99
QUADIEM - Front (Left) DIQU3032 Out of Stock Front (Left) $149.99
QUADIEM - TR33 140 mm PARO1960 TR33 140 mm $64.99
QUADIEM - TR33 160 mm PARO1961 TR33 160 mm $64.99
QUADIEM - TR33 180 mm PARO1962 TR33 180 mm $69.99
QUADIEM - TR33 203mm PARO1963 Out of Stock TR33 203mm $74.99
QUADIEM - TR29 140 mm PARO1910 TR29 140 mm $39.99
QUADIEM - TR29 160 mm PARO1920 Out of Stock TR29 160 mm $39.99
QUADIEM - TR25 140 mm PARO1810 TR25 140 mm $64.99
QUADIEM - TR25 160 mm PARO1820 TR25 160 mm $64.99
QUADIEM - TR25 180 mm PARO1830 TR25 180 mm $69.99
QUADIEM - TR25 203 mm PARO1840 TR25 203 mm $74.99
QUADIEM - P17 PM/PM PAAD1011 P17 PM/PM $17.99
QUADIEM - P20 PM/PM PAAD1012 P20 PM/PM $17.99
QUADIEM - P23 PM/PM PAAD1013 P23 PM/PM $17.99
QUADIEM - P40 PM/PM PAAD1014 P40 PM/PM $17.99
QUADIEM - P43 PM/PM PAAD1015 P43 PM/PM $17.99
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Working closely with the TRP development team, improvements were made in nearly every part of the brake and tested on the world cup circuit throughout the season. The result is G-Spec, Aaron Gwin asked and we delivered every detail.

We took most of the changes made to the DH-R EVO brakes and put them into the more affordable standard Quadiem. This brake features the same ergonomic lever made from cast aluminum and a forged/CNC’d caliper. Both of which have been given a matte black finish. It also features a new and stiffer 5.0 mm hose for easier internal routing and better transfer of hydraulic power. In the brake riders will also find hybrid pistons (Composite/Stainless) for improved heat dissipation, tool free indexed reach adjust and cooling fins on the caliper.



  • Lever and caliper weight: 325g (Front without rotor and adapter)
  • 4-Piston Caliper
  • Intended Rotor Thickness: 1.8mm
  • Detent Reach Adjust
  • 16mm Caliper Pistons
  • Split Hinged Handlebar Clamp
  • Banjo Hose Fitting
  • I-Spec & Matchmaker Compatible



New CNC Disc Adapter

  • CNC milled
  • Increased stiffness and a clean fit
  • Simple product marking
Adapter Ergonomic Brake Levers

  • Aluminum alloy
  • Ergonomic 1-finger positioning
  • Textured surface for increased drip
5mm Brake Line

  • Increased rigidity for greater hydraulic pressure
  • Improved thermal stability
  • Optimized for internal routing
Performance Mineral Oil

  • Lower viscosity for higher flow
  • Increased heat resistance up to 230°C
  • Improved heat dissipation
New Brake Pads

  • New organic compound (blue)
  • Improved heat resistance
  • Reduced bedding-in time
  • Lower noise

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