Something special – 2019 World Championships

TRP sponsored team’s go all out with new bikes and kit for their rainbow bids.


The World Championships are a special once-a-year, winner-take-all event that athletes and their supporting brands always want to show up to. Over the last few years, more and more teams and bike brands have been helping these select few athletes sport their nations’ colors while bringing some extra personality into the mix for each individual.

TRP is proud to be a part of four World Cup programs and nearly every team brought a full squad to Mount-Sainte-Anne. In the following galleries, we’ve taken a look at each team’s custom rigs and kit.

Intense Factory Racing

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Headlined by the all-American GOAT, Aaron Gwin Intense Factory Racing brought their full squad to Canada for World Champs. Intense founder and MTB icon, Jeff Steber, painted up three M29 frames for the IFR athletes—Aaron Gwin, Neko Mulally, and Jack Moir—in his backyard. The fourth bike, which got most of the press, was a prototype M279, which was not painted but wrapped in vinyl. PC: Nathan Hughes Photo//IFR

Scott DH Factory

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Scott went all out for it’s DH factory team with custom painted versions of the new Gambler, with finishes that prompted nude photoshoots (Dean Lucas) homemade tie-dye t-shirts (Florent Payet), a yearning for a vintage British 4×4 (Brendan Fairclough), and the need for sunglasses (Marine Cabirou). PC: Keno Derleyn//Scott


[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”57″ gal_title=”Commencal-100% Worlds Bikes”]

Commencal and co-sponsor 100% brought different combinations of red, white and blue paired with a unicorn rainbow color for its French (Thomas Estaque and Hugo Frixtalon) and American (Bruce Klein) racers. The Supreme DH 29 bikes were mint in their ‘World’s Edition’ livery. PC: Dave Trumpore//Commencal-100%

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