IFR at the 2019 World Championships

IFR at Mont Saint Anne World Championships, film credit: Knowmaddevelopment

Rain, roots, and rocks make up the classic Mont Saint Anne gnar, the venue for the 2019 World Championships. Jack Moir was switched on to pull a top 10 finish with the seventh-fastest time in a wet and wild qualifier. Neko posted a strong 12th and Aaron was 37th in his comeback from injury. But it’s all the other stuff that makes these behind the scenes IFR videos interesting.

Custom bikes, including the new M279, broke the internet during World’s week, but have you heard about the mustache wars between Aaron and John? Yeah, only here. Then there’s Neko, he’s raffling another bike for the kids. Last year his bike went for $26k, which bought 265 kids bikes—this year he’s going for 50k! The math on that is over 500 bikes to kids in need.

They race too. We know the results already, but it’s the behind the scenes that make these videos worth watching. Finals saw a mix up with Aaron, the consummate pro, finding some extra speed to finish just outside the top 10 in 12th. He’s only been back on the bike for two weeks! Jack posted a solid top 20 in 18th and Neko finished the tough course in 23rd.

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